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MBM Destroyit  |  SKU: ACCED21/4

MBM Destroyit Shredder Oil - 1 Pint Bottle


GSA Pricing Available

GSA Contract (GS-02F-0166V)

Product Overview

  • Specifically designed for MBM Destroyit shredder models 2270, 2360, 2445, 2465, 2503, 3104, and 3804
  • Ensures smooth shredding operations
  • Helps prevent wear and tear on shredder cutting blades
  • Prolongs the life of the cutting blades
  • 1 pint bottle size for convenient and easy application
  • High-quality oil for optimal shredder performance
  • Reduces the risk of paper jams and malfunctions
  • Maintains the efficiency and reliability of your shredder
Product Description:

MBM Destroyit Shredder Oil is specifically designed for use with the 2270, 2360, 2445, 2465, 2503, 3104, and 3804 models. This high-quality oil aids in the smooth operation of your shredder, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. By lubricating the cutting blades, it helps prevent wear and tear, prolonging the life of your shredder.

Keep your shredder running at its best with MBM Destroyit Shredder Oil. This 1 pint bottle is perfect for regular maintenance and ensuring optimal shredding results. Don't let your shredder blades suffer from friction and dullness - invest in this essential oil to keep your shredder operating smoothly and efficiently.

MBM Destroyit

MBM Destroyit Shredder Oil - 1 Pint Bottle

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