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Kobra FlexPack Cardboard Shredder


GSA Pricing Available

GSA Contract (GS-02F-0166V)

Product Overview

  • Converts old cardboard into high-quality packaging material
  • Simultaneously cuts and perforates cardboard boxes into padded filling material and padding mats
  • Adjustable working width with scale for optimized measurement of packaging material and cushioning volume
  • Simple control functions activated by touching the panel
  • LED load meter indicates workload on the machine
  • Cross-cut shredding for enhanced security
  • Can shred up to 3 cardboard layers at a time
  • Continuous run time for efficient shredding

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  • Shredder Application
  • Cut Size
    3/16 x 3 15/16 inch
  • Throat Width/ Feed Opening
    17 inch
  • Shreddable Material
  • Run Time
  • Speed
    50 ft/min
  • Noise Level
    58 dB(A)
  • Electrical Requirements
    115 Volt / 60 Hz
  • Maximum Horse Power
    2.9 HP
  • Weight
    310 lb
  • Dimensions
    27 x 20 x 46 inch
Product Description:

The Kobra FlexPack Recycling Shredder is a versatile and eco-friendly solution for transforming old cardboard into high-quality packaging material. This efficient shredder cuts and perforates cardboard boxes, creating padded filling material and padding mats for packaging purposes.

Featuring an adjustable working width with a scale, the Kobra cardboard converter allows users to optimize the measurement of the packaging material and adjust the cushioning volume according to their specific needs. With its user-friendly control functions activated by a simple touch, this recycling shredder offers convenience and ease of use. Additionally, the LED load meter provides real-time workload indication, ensuring efficient operation.

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Kobra FlexPack Cardboard Shredder


Cut Type


Cut Size

3/16 x 3 15/16 inch

Security Level


Sheet Capacity


Bin Capacity


Feed Width

17 inch

Run Time


Shreddable Material

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