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Dahle 20723 - Shredder Bags for 8-10 Gallon Shredders


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Product Overview

  • 200 bags per pack
  • 8-10 Gallon Shred Bags for convenient waste disposal
  • Expandable gusseted sides to hold maximum waste
  • Durable 1.5 mil plastic to reduce wear and tear
  • Compatible with 8-10 gallon Dahle Shredders
  • Reduces particle cleanup and makes disposal easier
  • Designed specifically for Dahle shredders to ensure optimal performance
  • Convenient and efficient way to contain shredded waste
Product Description:

Order Dahle 20723 Shredder Bags Now; Compatible with 8-10 gallon Dahle Shredders; Disposable 1.5mil Plastic Bags; Expandable Gusseted Sides to hold maximum waste. Shred bags are a convenient way to contain your shredded waste in 8 to 10 gallon shredder waste bins until it is ready for disposal, reducing particle cleanup. Each bag features gusseted sides to expand to the maximum capacity of your shredder cabinet. Durable, 1.5 mil plastic reduces tears. Dahle shredders operate at peak performance when used with Dahle Shred bags that are designed specifically for these machines to ensure calculated sheet capacity and waste volume.

Dahle 20723 Shredder Bags are designed for 8-10 gallon shredders and provide a convenient solution for waste disposal. These disposable 1.5mil plastic bags feature expandable gusseted sides, allowing them to hold maximum waste. The durable construction of these bags reduces wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use. When used with Dahle shredders, these shred bags optimize performance and efficiency. Keep your shredder waste contained and make clean-up easier with Dahle 20723 Shredder Bags.


Dahle 20723 - Shredder Bags for 8-10 Gallon Shredders

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