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Dahle 20722 Shredder Oil - 1 Gallon Bottle


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GSA Contract (GS-02F-0166V)

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Product Overview

  • High capacity shredder capable of shredding up to 500 sheets per pass
  • Powerful chain-driven motor for efficient and reliable shredding
  • Automatic jam protection prevents paper jams and ensures continuous operation
  • EvenFlow Lubricator automatically lubricates the cutting blades for optimal performance
  • 120-gallon waste bin for convenient storage of shredded waste
  • Optional output conveyor belt for easy disposal of shredded waste
  • Can shred various materials including paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs & DVDs, and binders
  • Provides a level P-3 security for sensitive documents
Product Description:

Keep your Dahle shredder operating at peak performance and increase its lifespan with Dahle 20722 Shredder Oil. This clean formulation is specially designed to prevent the friction of cutting cylinders, ensuring optimal shredder performance. With its high cling value and low dust retention, this oil helps to maintain your shredder's efficiency while reducing the risk of clogs. Simply apply a fine stream of oil from one side of the feed opening to the other and run the shredder in reverse for a few seconds to evenly distribute the lubricant. Trust Dahle 20722 Shredder Oil to optimize your shredding experience.

Dahle Shredder Oil is the perfect solution for keeping your Dahle shredder in top condition. Its unique formulation is designed to leave no residue, preventing dust buildup and potential clogs in the shredding mechanism. By reducing friction in the cutting cylinders, this high-cling oil ensures optimal shredder performance. Proper oiling is essential for maintaining your shredder at its best, and Dahle 20722 Shredder Oil makes the process simple and effective. Upgrade your shredding experience with this reliable and high-quality shredder oil.


Dahle 20722 Shredder Oil - 1 Gallon Bottle

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