Proton T1.5 Hard Drive Degausser

Hard Drive Degausser with field strength of 15,000 Gauss

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  • Magnetic Field: 15,000 Gauss (1.5 Tesla)
  • Duty Cycle:  Continuous 
  • Cycle Time: 3 seconds 
  • The T-1.5 ensures erasbility of important data on drives
  • Compliant with various Government regulations for data sanitization

The Proton T1.5 hard drive degausser helps organizations to ensure data safety through its high standard degaussing. Proton T1.5 hard drive degausser complies with various Government data security standards and regulations. This makes the hard drive degausser a guard against various security breaches and makes sure that the important confidential data do not end up in the wrong hands. The Proton T1.5 functions automatically and has a cycle speed of fewer than 5 seconds, making it the fastest degausser available in the industry. The Proton T1.5 hard drive degausser is also easy to operate, the user just has to insert any media into the drawer and push the start and the rest will be taken care of. It comes with a strong built-in software that acts as its safeguard and assures that the unit is operating at its peak performance for every cycle of degaussing. Apart from its useful operations, it is compact and provides maneuverability and easy transportation wherever required suitable for small-medium office spaces

Basic Attributes
Product NameProton T1.5 Hard Drive Degausser
ManufacturerProton Data Security
Power RequirementDual Voltage – Automatically converts between 120V and 240V
Degausser Magnetic Field15,000Gauss
Degaussing Cycle Time (sec)3
Country of OriginUnited States
CategoryHard Drive Degausser
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")12" H x 12" W x 20" L
WarrantyMaintenance free; 1-year parts and labor warranty included
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Cycle Time                                            

3 seconds 

Magnetic Field Oe

15,000 Gauss (1 Tesla)

Net Weight (kg)

48 lbs

Duty Cycle



12" H x 12" W x 20" L