Proton T-5 Hard Drive Degausser

Hard Drive Degausser with field strenght of 20,000 Gauss

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  • Weight:128 lbs
  • Duty cycle: continuous
  • Cycle time:15-20 seconds
  • Field strength: 20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla)
  • Converts automatically between 110V and 220V (Dual Voltage)
  • Accommodates all magnetic media that has maximum dimension of 1” x 6” x 4.3”

Proton T5 is the newest in line of NSA evaluated hard drive and media degausser. One of the notable new features is that it erases all the data on a hard drive in just about 20 seconds or less. It is approved to handle Top Secret data and make sure the data isn’t retrievable. The Proton T5 Hard Drive Degausser generates a magnetic field of 20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla) per one cycle. It also comes with an internal Gauss meter to indicate the level of operation and to guarantee it meets the NSA requirements. It is regarded as the ultimate degausser for efficiency and is also one of the degaussers available to sanitize any drive.

The Proton T5 Hard Drive Degausser is included with an internal gauss meter on a blue LCD display that indicates the level of operation and ensures a high magnetic field on every cycle. Proton T5 is fully automatic and does not require any manual operation and does not include a drawer. A user can simply insert media into the top slot and push on the start button. This hard drive eraser also comes with a digital cycle counter that displays the status of the operation. An important feature of the Proton T5 is that it saves and stores the energy of previous cycles for future operations, saving time and energy.

Basic Attributes
Product NameProton T-5 Hard Drive Degausser
ManufacturerProton Data Security
Power RequirementDual Voltage – Automatically converts between 110V and 220V; 60/50 Hz; single phase
Degaussing Cycle Time (sec)15
CategoryHard Drive Degausser
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")19"H x 10"W x 26"D
WarrantyMaintenance free; 1-year parts and labor warranty included
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Cycle Time                                            

15 seconds 

Magnetic Field Oe

20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla)

Net Weight (kg)

128 lbs

Duty Cycle



10 × 19 × 26 in