Proton PDS-75 Hard Drive Destroyer/Crusher

Hard Drive Puncher/Crusher with manual operation, bends hard drives at 90 degrees angle.

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  • Weight: 49lbs
  • Operation: Manual
  • No maintenance required
  • Cycle time: 8 seconds
  • Handles 2.5, 3.5 inch hard drives and SSD

The Proton PDS 75 Hard Drive Destroyer is an ultimate crusher that destructs hard drives in less than 8 seconds. It is manual in operation but very easy to operate. Users can simply insert the hard drives in the hard drive safety slot and use the handle to crush the inserted hard drive. During this operation, the hard drive or any related media is bent to around 90 degrees. This breaks and damages the main components of the hard drive such as the circuit board and the motor. After this, the hard drive moves to the front debris drawer. It is a low maintenance option for destroying confidential information and is very easy to operate.

The PDS 75 has compact rugged design making it extremely easy to move from one place to another. The PDF 75 Hard Drive crusher is designed for emergency situations in which it is very critical to destroying a hard drive with critical and confidential information. This hard drive destroyer does not require any special maintenance and is regarded as a completely self-contained device. The PDS 75 does not produce any external components after crushing and no special calibrations are required after destruction. The Proton PDS 75 hard drive destroyer is an ideal solution for quick destruction of hard drives and related media devices in a quick and efficient manner without producing any residuals.

Basic Attributes
Product NameProton PDS-75 Hard Drive Destroyer/Crusher
ManufacturerProton Data Security
Country of OriginUnited States
Punching Cycle Time (sec)8
Power Requirements (volts)manual operation
CategoryHard Drive Punch
Dimensions (H" x W" x D") 16.5" H x 7.25" W x 9.25" D
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Destruction Method                                            

Damages heads, motor and circuit board, Bends/breaks platter,


9.25" (23.5 cm) D x 7.25" (18.4 cm) W x 16.5" (41.9 cm) H

Net Weight (kg)

49 lbs

Duty Cycle

8 seconds or less 

Manual Operator Exertion 

Typical Commercial Drives (3.5”) – Typically 4 lbs. exertion