Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation – Black

Features 22 different height settings and 17" of vertical adjustment. No tools required for assembly
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Although the sit stand workstation by Fellowes has many wonderful features, here is a brief snippet of the biggest wins:

  • The workstation is ideal for all body types because you can adjust the height at 22 different settings without removing or adjusting multiple parts.
  • It literally becomes your entire office desk, device slotter, coffee mug holder, desk organizer, and what not.
  • You do not need to be an engineer to set up the sit stand workstation. It comes as a single, pre-assembled unit, ready for you to place it on your desk and get started.
  • From base to top, the workstation is 32.75 inches tall, which does not block your vision in any way.
  • The black steel body is very attractive to look at and gives a very professional appearance to your desk.
  • The three-year manufacturer warranty means that you can use it safely without risk of breaking any component.

Design & Features

The sleek and highly functional Lotus sit stand workstation from Fellowes will solve all your health problems from sitting at your office desk for long hours. This device makes taking regular breaks from sedentary sitting a breeze. Thanks to the 22 unique height settings, you can adjust the workstation height to a level that minimizes the strain on your neck, back, hips, and elbows. What’s more, you can raise or lower the workstation within a 17-inch space, which makes it perfect for people of all heights.

Another remarkable thing about the Fellowes Lotus sit stand workstation is that it really makes your desk look very professional. It comes with special slots to plug in your essential devices, so when you want to move your workstation, you really need to carry just one unit. Now there is no need to run back and forth to carry your phone charger, keyboard, and mouse. Everything becomes portable instantly with the sit stand workstation.

It is also extremely safe. Made with a steel body and with the capacity to withstand loads of a maximum 35 pounds, it is perfect for the busy executive who can barely see her desk surface.

Basic Attributes
Product NameLotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation – Black
Country of OriginUnited States
Item (H x W x D) (Inches)5.50 x 32.75 x 24.25
Item Weight (lbs)50.00
Quantity Per Pack1
Warranty3 Yr Limited
Attachment MethodSits on Desk
UPC Code043859716364
FeaturesSecondary Platform, Device Channel with Charging Access, Cord Management, Adjustable Counterbalance, Smooth Lift Technology, No Tools
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  • Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation Manual
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    Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation

    We designed the Fellowes Lotus sit stand workstation with one thought in mind, create a sit stand workstation so simple, so easy to use, and so integrated it would become your desktop. The Lotus arrives fully assembled, just place it on your desktop route your cords through the convenient chord management and you're ready to go. Once in place going from sitting to standing is effortless with patent-pending smooth lift technology. Simply turn the knob and your workstation will feel lightweight and easy to reposition, and with 22 different height settings there's a position that's perfect for you.

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