Intimus Hammer Secure Erase

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  • Model: SCSI Hammer (352105)
  • Drive interfaces: SCSI 50 pin (2) & SCSI 68 pin (2)
  • Host interface: USB 2.0
  • Input voltage: + 12 VDC
  • input current: 3.5 A
  • Voltage to drives: + 12 VDC, 5+ VDC
  • Device addressing support: 28 / 48 Bit
  • transfer mode: UDMA mode 4
  • Device addressing support: ATA 4 - ATA 7
  • Dimensions: 1.41" x 5.18" x 4.16"
  • Weight: 11 oz


Intimus SCSI Hammer is a secure way to erase data from hard drives; fulfilling the requirements set by government agencies. This type of erasing is similar to degaussing, but only operational or live hard drives are erased. The Martin Yale Intimus SCSI Hammer can erase data from only SCSI drives. Data from SCSI drives is erased. Erased data is visually verified. Erases up to 30 hard drives simultaneously. Erased hard drives are reusable. Fulfills NIST 800-36 and 800-88 purge and clear protocols and is CE and UL certified.

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Product NameIntimus Hammer Secure Erase
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