HSM V-Press 610 Bailing Press

Presser for reducing volume of cardboard or foils
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    HSM V-Press 610 Baling Press provides the optimal solution to waste management and disposal for high-end manufacturers and retailers. Its compresses bales to several times their original volumes to a small manageable volume of just 31.5“ x 23.6“ x  23.6“. This ability is furthered by its speed of producing up to 6 bales per hour. The V-Press 610 Baling Press is highly efficient with the most commonly used packaging materials like cardboard and plastic foils. This product is also designed to deliver maximum performance and be easy to use. Its compression compartment has specially designed claws that help in improving the compression ratio and baling process. The HSM V-Press 610 also comes with the handy feature of automatic bales ejection. Once the bales are compressed, they are pushed onto the transportation trolley in no time by a mechanical ejector placed inside.

    Basic Attributes
    Product NameHSM V-Press 610 Bailing Press
    Hourly Bale Output (units)3-6
    Specific Pressing Power (N/cm2)12.23
    Strapping MaterialTape Strapping
    EAN Number4026631036016
    Driving Power (kW)4.02
    Bale Weight (lbs.)220
    Dimensions (H" x W" x D")77.95 x 46.85 x 32.08
    Warranty1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    Loading Aperture Height (inches)19.5
    Loading Aperture Width (inches)31.5
    Bale Size (H" x W" x D")23.6 x 23.6 x 31.5
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