HSM CP 4988 PET Plastic Bottle and Aluminum Can Crusher

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Plastic Bottle and Aluminum Can Crusher, feed opening of 19.29 inches & a pressing power of 100 kN
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  • Pressing power: 100 kN
  • Intake Width: 19.29 inches
  • Industry Type: Food & Beverage Industry, Retail Industry
  • Loading Height: 47.48 inches
  • Can Press: PET, Soft Packaging
  • Throughput Capacity: 2000
  • Bin Capacity: 76.61 Gallons


  • Crusher rollers are made from steel and are hard enough to crush bottles and cans
  • Scraper system removes the compressed plastic bottles from the crusher rollers
  • The inclined loading shoot make sure containers are fed into the cutting and pressing unit
  • Display is present for indicating that the bale is ready or not
  • Machines switches off instantly after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Takes less office space
  • Dosing shaft ensures plastic bottles are fed properly
  • Comes with a 1year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Product Dimensions

  • Overall dimensions (W” x H” x D”): 31.22 x 80.2 x 68.94 inches
  • Weight:  634.92  lbs


HSM CP 4988 PET Plastic Bottle and Aluminum Can Crusher Offers Impressive Specifications

So many offices contain clutter of plastic bottles and cans that needs to be disposed off fast and with the HSM CP 4988 you can crush up to 2400 bottles at a time, Amazing right! This shredder effortlessly destroys in one cycle without stops. Made 100% in Germany the HSM CP 4988 is a high quality shredder with the ultimate features that are required in today’s competent office environments.  It has a big feed opening of 19.29 inches that can take a lot of material without alignment.

Shredder Compliancy and Recommended Use:

The HSM CP 4988 makes sure the material is fed in properly through the inclined loading shoot while the dosing shafts with sharp blades make sure that it is destroyed into tiny particles. The scraper system helps in removing the compressed cans and plastic bottles just so blockages and downtime is eliminated completely. For enhancing the overall operational efficiency, this shredder will automatically go off after 2 minutes of inactivity, all of this to save energy.

With such unique features and capabilities the HSM CP 4988 is definitely what retail industries and plastic/can crushing industries should have. This will increase the overall performance of your processes that you are already conducting.

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Product NameHSM CP 4988 PET Plastic Bottle and Aluminum Can Crusher
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Q. Can it shred paper?

A. No the HSM CP 4988 is espicially desighned to crush plastic bottles and alluminum cans.


Q. Is it a durable machine?

A. Yes! HSM is known for producing the highest quaity shredders and crushers. And the HSM CP 4988  is purely made in Germany with the most robust material. 


Q. Will the HSM CP 4988 come with a warranty?

A. IT comes with a 1year limited manufacturer’s warranty.