HSM CP 4988 PET Crusher Baler Combo

100% of 100
Crushes plastic bottles with a pressing power of 100 kN
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  • Pressing power: 100 kN
  • Voltage: 3x480 V
  • Driving Power: 2.2 kW
  • Frequency: 60 Hz


  • Crusher rollers are made from steel and are hard enough to crush bottles
  • Scraper system removes the compressed plastic bottles from the crusher rollers
  • For feeding the bottles to the rollers the dosing shaft is responsible
  • Display is present for indicating that the bale is ready or not
  • Filling can be done either manually or automatically
  • Takes less office space
  • Provides photoelectric control of the pressing process
  • Comes with a 1year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Product Dimensions

  • Overall dimensions (W” x H” x D”): 39.98 x 70.87 x 150.63 in
  • Weight:  2535.29  lbs


HSM CP 4988 PET Crusher Offers Impressive Specifications

The HSM CP 4988 PET Crusher is especially designed to destroy empty bottles. This machine will easily reduce the volume of empty PET bottles up to 90% in just a single cycle. In the end produces compact raw material bales. Pressing power is of 11 tons so the downstream baling press compresses crushed bottles into proper raw material bales that have a weight of 100 kg. The drainage system let goes of the residual fluid before the process of pressing takes place. Also there is a dosing shaft that makes sure the bottles are securely drawn in and the throughput capacity of up to 4000 bottles in every hour is achieved.

Recommended use

The HSM CP 4988 PET is perfect for factories and offices to get rid of the bottle waste, as it is not healthy to store empty bottles in the compound for a long time.

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Product NameHSM CP 4988 PET Crusher Baler Combo
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Q) Can it be used fro shredding?

A. No it is specifically designed to destroy bottles.

Q) What is its driving power?

A. It has a driving power of 2.2kW