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Our pressers are ideal for the disposal of high volume materials and are made exclusively for retailers and manufacturers. They have the capacity to compress several objects to an easily manageable volume at an incredible speed of 3-6 bales/hour. Our pressers such as the HSM V-Press 610 Bailing Press are the best the market can offer across the globe. With an aperture measuring 19.5“x 31.5”, the presser can bale items such as Plastic foil, Cardboard etc. Not only is this machine highly cost-effective but is specifically designed to deliver the user with the most exceptional performance to give user maximum satisfaction. Furthermore, its compression section comes equipped with exclusively made claws that can aid in improving the overall compression ratio as well as the baling process. Not only that our pressers support a straightforward control panel, conveniently placed for easy access to the machine that allows the user with the ability to properly direct the baling procedure. Transportation of the compressed material is effortless due to the efforts of our engineers. Finally, some of our pressers also support an auto start function that allows operations to begin when the baling material is within the machine's compartment to avoid wastage of time.


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