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Code Tape Shredders

Code Tape shredders are high-security shredders that offer the most secure and reliable way to dispose of code in a highly convenient and compact machine. Code Tape shredders are ideal for usage within government and defense agencies as despite its small size, the shredders can efficiently shred tape into fine particles measuring 0.7mm by 2.6mm, meeting all the standards for high-security tape destruction hence earning a level 6 security rating. Furthermore, its miniature size gives the shredder a high portability characteristic unachieved by its rivals. Its preinstalled Auto start/stop function comes into effect whenever a material is placed within the feed opening or whenever the waste bin reaches full capacity. These shredders utilize a powerful close wheel that allows it to give a flawless performance whilst also enlarging its useful life. Not only supporting a thermal protection against overheating, these shredders are highly commodious due to the high mobility of their waste bin which allows the user to dispose of the scraps with little to no efforts. The narrow throat of the shredders' feed opening is ideal for the shredding of code punched tape, the process that the shredder can undergo within an incredible time frame of 17.8 feet per minute.

Code Tape Shredders

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