AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier - Stainless

Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly, Cleans Air of 300-700 Sq Ft Spaces, HEPA Filter Captures 99.97% Airborne Contaminants
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Features: AeraMax AM III Commercial Grade Air Purifier 

  • Recommended air purifier for spaces ranging from 300 to 700 sq. ft.
  • Removes pollutants with the help of ionization technology
  • Helps to remove microbes and dust that can cause asthma and other allergic reactions
  • Creates an odor-free environment thanks to carbon-based filters
  • Efficient use of electricity due to EnviroSmart™ auto-regulation system
  • Has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer


AeraMax AMIII: A State of the Art Air Purifier

The AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier is a state of the art air purification system that purifies the air with its unique triple action system, targeting pollutants, odors, and allergens, all at the same time.

PlasmaTrue is a revolutionary technology that cleans indoor air by releasing gas ions into the surrounding air. The AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier is fitted with electrostatic plates that convert air molecules into ions, which eliminate pollutants from the air.

In addition to removing solid particles, the AeraMax AMIII also helps to get rid of non-solid and microscopic particles that create a foul smell in the room. Carbon filters help to get rid of foul smells by absorbing the compounds that produce such odors.

The AeraMax Professional Air Purifier also comes with a HEPA filter, which serves to remove any substances or allergens that could potentially set off breathing complications in people, with a tendency towards asthma or respiratory issues.

Fellowes AeraMax AM III Air Purifier: Convenience in All Respects

Nothing is more important than the health of your loved ones. The AeraMax Professional Air Purifier is an excellent and completely safe device that provides you a clean environment within your house, school, or restaurant. It comes with the AAFA certification, indicating that it is perfectively safe for everyone.

We call AeraMax AM III a convenient system because of its unique dimensions. It is only 21 inches long that makes the AeraMax AMIII easy to set up in very limited spaces. At the same time, the AeraMax AM III commercial grade air purifier is a powerful machine and can run for long hours to keep the environment clean round the clock. You can place it in a hospital waiting room or in a small lobby. It is also mountable and can be set up on a wall pretty easily since it weighs only 20 pounds, enough for two people to set up easily.

AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier: The Most Reliable Air Purifier the Everybody Wants

The AeraMax Professional Air Purifier comes with many features that make it a wise investment for your home or business. You can also be proud of doing something good for the environment because this air purifier does not give off harmful ozone. The 5-year warranty is another plus point, suggesting that your investment is safe for at least the next five years. The exterior comprises of ABS material, which makes it environmentally safe while the stainless steel finishing adds a nice, modern feel.

In addition, numerous bodies including CARB, AHAM, UL, and Energy Star certify the AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier. Even more reason to have complete confidence in your choice.

Basic Attributes
Room SizeLarge Room
FeaturesPlasmaTrue™ Technology, EnviroSmart Sensor
Air Purity SensorNo
Filter TypeTrue HEPA with AeraSafe™, Antimicrobial Treatment, Activated Carbon
CertificationAsthma & Allergy Friendly™, AHAM Certified, CARB Certified, Energy Star Certified, UL Listed, AAFA Certified
Item (H x W x D) (Inches)19.50 x 21.00 x 9.50
Item Weight (lbs)20.00
Quantity Per Pack1
Warranty5 Year Limited
Room Size (Sq Ft)300 - 700
4 Stage Purification SystemNo
UPC Code043859683666
TechnologyPlasmaTrue™ Technology
Product NameAeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier - Stainless
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AAFA Certified

Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly

AeraSmart Sensor



EnviroSmart Sensor, PlasmaTrue Technology

Air Purity Sensor



Asthma & Allergy Friendly, AHAM Certified, CARB Certified, Energy Star Certified, UL Listed, AAFA Certified

Change Filter Light Indicator




Filter Change Type

Front Panel

Filter Type

True HEPA with AeraSafe Antimicrobial Protection, Activated Carbon

Dimensions (L” x H” x D”)

19.50 x 21.00 x 9.50

Item Number


Item Weight


Units per Master Carton


Material Type


Model Number


PlasmaTrue Technology


Produces Ozone


4 Stage Purification System


Qty Per Pack


Room Size (Sq Ft)

300 - 700

Room Size

Large Room

UPC Code



5 Yr Limited

Q. What are the carbon filters used for?

A. The AeraMax® Professional III has an activated carbon filter, which gets rid of bad smells in the air.


Q.What is the maximum area that the AeraMax® Professional III can purify?

A. You can set up this air purifier in any space up to 700 square feet.


Q.Will it rack up my energy bill?

A. No. The AeraMax® Professional III has an EnviroSmart feature, which reduces your energy consumption.


Q.Is it easy to move around?

A. The AeraMax® Professional III weighs only 20 pounds and can move around easily.


Q.What does PlasmaTrue technology mean?

A. It is a special technology, which uses ionized particles to remove pollutants from the air.

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