Shredder Oil

It is important that one oils the shredders regularly to keep them from jamming so that they are maintained and function properly and have a prolonged life. Many factors determine when you should oil your shredder for example the type of paper that has been shred and the amount of paper that is shredded and whether the shredder is used occasionally or on regular basis for a long time without stopping. Micro-cut shredders need to be oiled more frequently, ideally after every 15 minutes of use. You can keep your shredder working at optimal levels with little squeeze bottle oil and a nozzle attached for proper application. A shredder oil lubricant or helps keep your shedder running at its peak and give its full performance by conditioning its cutters and in turn extending the life of your shredder. It is best to oil the shredder every time you empty the wastebasket or twice a month with the shredder oil. The oil helps keep the confetti cut machines running at their peak and they are ideal for home and office use.
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