Shredder Bags

Plastic bag shredders neatly capture all paper shreds to help keep your workspace clean. These clear, tough bags match shredders with waste bins from 13-19 gallons in size, which includes the 300X, 300M and all departmental shredders. These recyclable Waste Sacks make waste disposal clean and efficient as both the material and contents are recyclable while the sacks self seal for tidy disposal. They are available in a range of sizes so there is one to suit most shredders in the range. Ensure that your home or office shredder can function at peak performance with shredder supplies. Shredder oil keeps cutters lubricated to prevent jamming and recyclable paper and plastic bag shredders allow for fast and easy clean up. Easy-use plastic shredder bags effectively manage paper waste as you work by capturing your shredded sheets neatly in the waste bin. These 6-8 gallon bags fit small office, executive office, personal and smaller hands free shredders.
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