Automatic Oiler

Any machine that needs to be fine tuned needs to be properly oiled and so does the shredder so that it can perform at its peak. But mostly people neglect this simple task which is why there is unnecessary jamming and the performance of the product also decrees. With an automatic oiler you no longer have to manually oil your paper shredder. The oiler provides continuous oil to the running machine. An automatic oiler is highly recommended for large departments with heavy volumes of shredding. As the lubrication reduces wear on the precision milled cutting cylinders and ensures optimal shred capacity and performance. The automatic oiler lubricates the cutting shaft, maximizing performance and ensuring your shredder stays in top working condition. This oil can also be added to the top of the oiler as a safety feature. The shredder may not operate when the oiler is almost out of oil. Automatic Oilers are the perfect option for a centralized paper shredding machine with multiple users and your shredder is properly maintained and ensures that it shreds all your unwanted confidential information.
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