Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a shredder?

Recent events have made shredding confidential information a necessity. Documents found in the trash are not legally protected so they're fair game to individuals looking to find out more information about you or your business. This explains the rapid increase in Identity Theft and Industrial Espionage. New security laws require that confidential medical information and consumer credit information must properly destroyed before the information is discarded. What's the best way to destroy this information? Shred it with a paper shredder.

2. What types of documents should I shred?

Any paper that contains information you would not like others to see. This could include personal information such as credit card info or bank statements, and business information such as accounting records or personnel files.

3. Why should I buy a shredder when I can have a shredder service come by and shred my documents for me?

Mobile shred services are a never ending expense that experience constant increases in wages, fuel, and equipment maintenance. These increases eventually get passed on to their customers (you) each and every year.

4. What paper shredder brands are available at

Destroyit, ShredMaster, Dahle, Clary, Intimus, Formax, and Fellowes Shredders.

5. What factors need to be considered when choosing the right paper shredder?

Choose a shredder based on the amount of paper you will be shredding per day, how many people will be using the shredder per day, and whether you need a strip cut or cross cut shredder.

To make the decision easier, we have compiled a step-by-step guide, which is available here .

6. What are the different sizes of paper shredders?

Personal shredders, office shredders, departmental shredders, industrial shredders, and high security shredders.

7. Should I consider a strip cut or cross cut shredder?

It really depends on the type of security you require, as well as the convenience you are looking for. What distinguishes a strip cut shredder from a cross cut shredder is that a strip cut shredder produces thin strips the entire length of your document while a cross cut shredders produce smaller particles by cutting the paper in two directions. The type of these shreds determines the level of security offered, amount of maintenance required, and the frequency with which the bag needs to be changed.

8. Do I have to oil my paper shredder? If so, how do I oil it?

Simply put, paper shredders need oil. Paper dust builds up inside the cutting assembly and packs together like cement. Oil softens packed dust, which allows the movement of the cutting head to push it out. The finer the cut the shredder makes, the more oil it needs.

Generally, to oil the cutting blades, you must squeeze the recommended lubricant across the full width of the blades from the top of the shredder. Specific instructions vary by brand and model.

9. What do most people overlook when they purchase a shredder?

Most people forget to think about the anticipated growth of their company. Will the proposed shredder be sufficient to handle your demand in five or ten years? You should always keep that in mind. If you buy a shredder that you can grow in to, you'll wind up saving a lot of wear and tear on your shredder in the long run.

10. We have to stay within budget for a paper shredder, but the paper shredder we need does not fall within our budget. What would you recommend?

You should always buy a shredder based on the need for that particular shredder. If you buy on dollar amount instead of need, you will repeat the scenario over and over again. Sometimes it is better to wait until you can afford the best shredder that fits your needs.

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