Shredded Paper as Packing Material

Amidst today's "environmental" trend, much emphasis is placed on the country's landfills and the long term effects of plastics, including such common packing material as bubble-pack, styrofoam and polystyrene. This concern extends globally, with some countries outlawing their use in favor of biodegradable and recycled/recyclable materials. The paper shredder has, for some time, become a practical source of economical packing material. If an office has an application for shredded packing materials, a shredder can be a cost effective solution in several ways:

  1. Providing the volume of paper disposed is a sufficient source of raw material, the office can save the expense of purchasing packing material.

  2. The cost of disposing old records is cut, resulting in additional savings.

  3. In large volume applications the first year savings often covers the cost of purchase and operation of an industrial shredding system ($9,000 to $12,000).Shredder allows paper recycling
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