Shredders for Large Corporations

Small and medium size companies represent the large number of first time shredder buyers. Larger companies, on the other hand, are more apt to recognize the need for document security. Indeed, many of them already have one or more shredders in use. The fact that a company incorporates paper shredders into a routine for maintaining the privacy of business documents results in higher demand for shredders. Paper shredders are low service, long life products. But, once a company starts to use a shredder, the volume of use grows dramatically. It is not uncommon for corporations to have repeat sales and upgrades to larger units within the first six to eight months after the initial purchase of shredders.In the decision making process for the purchase of paper shredders, the purchasing department of a large corporation collaberates with either a director of security and/or and records manager, two key influencers/decision makers in the purchase of paper shredders. The director of security has the responsibility for all aspects of corporate security: physical, data, and document security. The records manager is in charge of the storage, management, retrieval and ultimate destruction of records in all forms. The key to both positions is their ability to "brand specify" a product for purchase.

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