Speed is a relevant feature when the application calls for theFast Shreddersshredding of Shredder Speedcontinuous computer forms. Because the forms are fed at the running rate of the machine, operating speed has a direct bearing on the amount of time required to complete the shredding task. A shredder with a speed of 80 Ft/min will be done in 1/3 less time compared with a 50 ft/min model, when shredding continuous computer forms.

Converting the Ft/min rating into something more practical can help you make a better decision. Often people want to know how much time is going to be spent on a particular shredding task, i.e., 10 cases of paper per week. A quick and accurate calculation can be rendered with the following calculation:

Speed x 12 ÷11 x (Capacity X .80) X 60 ÷ 5000 x .80Shredder professor

So, if you take the Dahle 20800 EC which has an operating speed of 50 ft/min (54.5 sheets) times 80% of the rated capacity (27 sheets) times 60 minutes times 80% (20% of the time will be spent on waste handling) divided by 5000 (sheets per case) will equal a theoretical throughput of 11 cases of paper shred per hour. Therefore the entire10 cases of letter sized paper theoretically could be shred in under 1 hour per week.

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