Security Issues

The nature of a business and the type of documents to be shred will influence whether a strip-cutor cross-cut shredder is needed. A government contractor, for instance, is required to shred top secret and other classified information to strict DoD standards. Companies in highly competitive fields, where espionage poses a greater risk, often prefer the peace of mind that a high security shredder provides. With a maximum particle size of 1mm x 5mm, the resulting shreds are impossible to reconstruct.

Most companies buy a paper shredder for maintaining privacy of business information and find astrip-cut or commercial cross-cut suitable for this purpose. A close look at most computer reports, a commonly shredded item, will reveal a widely spaced typeface. A 1/4" strip-cut shred permits adequate destruction of these reports because most words will be sliced into several pieces, making it very difficult to reconstruct.

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