Applications for Paper Shredders

Accounting Departments 
profit & loss statements, bills, audits, customer account records, financial statements, work sheets, letters of credit, tax records, delinquent accounts, checks, data processing.

Executive Offices 
confidential documents, correspondence, agreements, contracts, executive reports, financial records, labor negotiations, committee reports, charts and graphs, periodicals, meeting proceedings.

Clerical Departments 
letters, memos, telegrams, articles, bulletins, reports, announcements, archival data, customer records, vendor records, directories, routings, files.

Legal Departments 
contracts, correspondence, warranties, depositions, affidavits, pleadings, judgments, decisions, insurance files, promissory notes, cancelled checks, tax information, patent designs, option agreements.

Purchasing Departments 
quotations, bids, requisitions, freight bills, acknowledgements, specifications, estimates, orders, contracts, catalogues, invoices, delivery receipts, correspondence.

Credit Departments 
credit reports, invoices, orders, bills of lading, agreements, checks, statements, delinquencies, claims, vouchers, collection, correspondence, debits.

Personnel Departments 
employment applications, references, birth records, time cards, insurance records, payroll records, transfers, investigation reports, accident reports, educational records, compensation claims, personnel data, health records.

Sales Departments 
sales correspondence, market data, account records, commission statements, competitive information, contracts, expense reports, territory maps, sales reports, inquiries, testimonies, sales forecasts, analysis, data processing, price lists.

drawings, specifications, instructions, graphs, data charts, bills of material, contracts, blueprints, proposals, governments regulations and codes, performance charts, progress reports, research data.

Attorneys & Legal Firms 
briefs, pleadings, confidential papers, exhibits, medical and accident reports, statements, deeds, wills, decisions, letters, bills, trusts, receipts, audits, notes, clients' records, affidavits, testimony, proceedings.

layouts, art work, literature, copy schedules, contracts, proofs, media information, correspondence, designs, sketches, press releases, mailing lists.

applications, medical reports, credit reports, proofs of loss, claim files, rate tables, accident reports, police reports, estimates, agency contracts, premium records.

Travel & transportation 
traffic reports, flight records, I.C.C. regulations & reports, tariffs, freight, bills, claims, manifests, insurance records, licensee, accident reports, maps, schedules, financial reports.

surveys, plans, cable records, circuitry transmission reports, load records, generating records, installation and repair bills, audits, legal papers, maps, technical data, service reports.

Banks, Savings & Loan 
signature cards, cancelled checks, financial statements, credit reports, microfilmed records, mortgage papers, statements of accounts, wills, deeds, trust agreements, cashiers checks, title, contracts, legal papers.

Brokerage & Investment 
financial reports, dividend reports, earning reports, financial statements, account records, ledger sheets, surveys, trend reports, audits, trusts, legal opinions, company profiles, corporate reports, stock certificates.

birth, death, marriage and citizenship records, licenses and permits, orders, directives, administrative records, legislative reports, contracts, bids, personnel records, investigative reports, interdepartmental communications.

Schools & Universities 
visual aids, transcripts of credit, teachers records, office records, correspondence, research materials, bills, receipts, contracts, bids, theses, enrollment, applications, educational periodicals, reports.

archival documents, technical research data, periodical and newspaper articles, diagrams, microfilmed records, book pages, charts, biographical abstracts, scientific articles, bibliographies, manuscripts.

Hospitals & Medical 
medical histories, electrocardiograms, accident reports, X-ray, autopsies, laboratory reports, statements, bills, personnel records, student nurse transcripts, clinical reports, medical periodicals.

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