Paper Shredder Types

  1. Personal Shredders (20090 - 20092 - 20100 - 20112) 
    Personal Shredders are designed to be used alongside the desks of all secretaries, executive assistants, managers and executives who handle confidential information in the course of performing their duties. It is located within easy reach and is easy to use as a wastebasket. If there is any question about privacy, just shred it.

  2. Small Office Shredders (20304 - 20314 - 20404 - 20414) 
    One step up from the Personal Shredder, the Small Office Shredder is designed to be used by one or two people with occasional shredding of confidential reports and correspondence.

  3. General Office Shredders (20500 Series - 20600 Series) 
    The mainstay of any office is the letter size folder and the accompanying file cabinets to house them. Next to the desks for employees, documents take up the largest percentage of floor space within a typical office. Out tendency is to collect files, year after year, with the overflow of previous years going into storage. Recognizing the cost of this space, many companies are actively involved in records retention and records management programs. The general office shredder is designed to make fast work of the destruction of old files. The front access design of Shredderwarehouse further contributes to a prudent use of office floor space.

  4. Departmental Shredders (20800 Series) 
    While a robust sheet capacity is the main requirement in a general office shredder, high speed and a 16" width feed opening are best for the destruction of continuous computer forms. The operator benefits from a high running speed when shredding computer forms because the forms are self-feeding. The 16" wide feed opening eliminates crumbling witch can cause the paper to snap at the perforations, thereby stopping the feed process.

  5. High Capacity / Industrial Shredders (20390 - 20396 - 20452 - 20453) 
    High Capacity shredders are perfect for centralized shredding applications. They can be positioned within the office, convenient to records storage and archives or in a centralized location where multiple departments can bring their material to be shredded by a dedicated employee.

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