External Features

Color and Styling Shredderwarehouse are a neutral putty color that blends in and complements many of today's popular office color schemes. The injection molded bonnets provide a uniform 'family' look to the entire product line and are aesthetically pleasing.

Console Design - most Shredderwarehouse are housed in an attractive, fully enclosed wooden cabinet, mounted on casters. The console design hides the waste while minimizing the noise and dust levels.

Wire Work Rack - included with the 20600 series and above, a wire work rack is provided for a convenient place to hold documents while shredding, while the hopper models feature 3 integral folding shelves.

Automatic On/Off - almost all Shredderwarehouse feature the convenience of automatic on/off with built-in LED sensors in the feed opening. The "Fully Electronic" models feature an Auto On/Off Override for large shredding jobs. Just press the forward button and the shredder will run continuously until you press the forward button a second time.

Status Indicators - All electronic controlled Shredderwarehouse feature status indicators to alert the operator when the shred bin is filled or the door is open.

Bag Full Auto Off - Every Dahle shredder (except wastebasket models) features a waste sensor that stops the shredder when the shred bin is full.

Removable Waste Bin Shredderwarehouse are equipped with a removable waste bin (or bag) for easy waste handling. Front access to the removable waste bin keeps floor space usage to a minimum.

Dahle Paper Shredder control panelThe dual sensors on Dahle electronically controlled models enhance the operation when shredding computer printout. Start the shredding operation and walk away. Either sensor will stop the machine when the paper runs out or when the bag is full. It is a complete automatic operation.

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