Plastic Bottle/Can Shredder

Plastic is a versatile material. Characteristics range from tough polymer structures to extra-firm high-tech materials. To have efficient size reduction requires experience and know-how. We are able to customize our machine designs to fit your requirements and shed plastic and cans for you. If you have plastic bottles that are available in various shapes and sizes and you need to turn these scrap materials and bottles or components into a commodity that can be recaptured or use in your manufacturing processes, then our plastic shredder/ can is the best machine for you. It can also shred cans and produce it into waste. This is the best solution that can be provided to you so you can shred your plastic bottles and cans. The features are really effective and the shredder is easy to use. We provide plastic shredders which are a specialty shredder that shreds bottles, cans and features a large feed hopper for easy loading. You can feed in about 100 0.33 liter tin cans, 50 plastic 0.5 liter bottles at a time or one 3 liter plastic bottle in these shredders. These shredders are master shredders and they reduce the volume of cans or bottles by 66 percent and processes about 360 tin cans per minute and 136 plastic bottles per minute. They have a control panel which is keypad controlled and includes stop, start, and reverse. They stops shredding and blinks when the waste bin door is open.
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Intimus 529 PET

Intimus 529 PET

Security Level: N/A
Sheet Capacity: N/A
Shred Speed: N/A
Bin Size: 65 gallon

Our Price: $12,160.00

Intimus IN 529 Pet Master Shredder New Product Free Shipping

Intimus IN 529 Pet Master Shredder

Security Level: N/A
Sheet Capacity: 0
Bin Size: 0
Our Price: $13,810.00
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