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The Shredder Warehouse provides you with high security shredders and media shredders. These shredders are NSA approved and TAA compliant high security shredders that can shred 14 sheets per pass at a rate of 30 ft/min. They shred paper and optical media. The TAA-compliant micro cut shredders offers level 6 securities and are suitable for procurement with government funds. These media shredders come with two separate cutting blades; one for optical media and one for paper. They automatically oil the cutting blades; enhancing the blade’s life. These shredders are energy smart shredders which automatically go into sleep mode after few minutes of non-use. They have heavy duty chain drive systems which enable them to shred through the toughest of jobs. The motor thermal protection prevents the shredders from heating up. Then Optical Media Shredders are shredders that are suitable for use in departments among 10 plus people. They shred optical media. The shredded particles comply with the level 6 specifications. They automatically start shredding when the items are placed close to the feed opening. The unit goes into sleep mode after staying idle for a few seconds. In the case of jam, the high security shredder automatically reverses. They stop shredding when the bin is full or if the door is open and uses a reusable waste bag that helps to reduce operational costs.
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Kobra 400 HS6 Combi High Security Shredder Free Shipping

Kobra 400 HS6 Combi High Security Shredder

Security Level: 6
Sheet Capacity: 14
Shred Speed: 30 fpm
Bin Size: 29 gallon

Our Price: $7,830.00

Kobra 400 HS-OM Shredder-image 1

Kobra 400 HS-OM Shredder

Security Level: 6
Sheet Capacity: N/A
Shred Speed: N/A
Bin Size: 53 gallon

Our Price: $3,510.00

Clary 4110D Optical Media Shredder Free Shipping

Clary 4110D Optical Media Shredder

Security Level: 6
Sheet Capacity: N/A
Shred Speed: 2500 pc/hr fpm
Bin Size: 39 gallon

Our Price: $4,815.00

Martin Yale Intimus DMD 1001 Hard Drive Degausser Free Shipping

Martin Yale Intimus Terminator DMD1001 Hard Drive Data Destruction Shredder

Security Level: N/A
Sheet Capacity: Up to 500 HDD/hr
Bin Size: N/A
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Destroyit 0201-Optical Media Destroy Free Shipping

Destroyit 0201 OMD Optical Media Destroyer

Security Level: 0-5
Sheet Capacity: N/A
Bin Size: N/A
Our Price: $4,999.00
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