Hard Drive Eraser

Most of the time when you buy a new hard drive or a used one or you wish to sell yours. There may be lots of personal data still left on the drive which may be further exploited or used. When you delete a file it is not really removed from the disk or it stays there until another file is written over it. Same thing happens when you re format a hard drive. Most of the data remain in the device. For this reason we use the hard drive erasers. The hard drive eraser accurately and securely removes and erases data from the hard drive. The erased data can't be retrieved. This is similar to degaussing, except that it only erases operational or live hard drives. The hard drive is completely erased when the erase button is pressed on the hard drive erase. Hard drives come with a built in erase command, but they can't execute it on their own. These hard drives can erase up to 4 hard drives at once when they are directly connected to the device. This can be done via USB cable when it connects to the PC. Afterwards the erase hard drive can be used again.

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