The disintegrator shredder is an industrial shredder which is used for high security shredding. It is simply a rotary knife mill which provides you with proven technology that is utilized in a mechanism that consists of 2-5 knives which are mounted on a solid steel rotor. It easily disintegrates and shreds papers and media clips and equipment. Also it spins at 500 to 600 RPM and the rotor knives are stationary bed knives. The waste is continuously cut into small pieces that easily pass through the waste sizing screen which is then mostly carried to the dumpster or the compactor or other receptacle by an air evacuation systems. The Central Disintegrator System comes with many industrial shredders which are suitable for high security shredding. Many shredders have small foot prints with easy access to the parts and features self cleaning filter cartridges. The disintegrator shredders come with adjustable rotor knives that maintain distance between the rotating knives and the security screen. They shred paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, optical media, and key tape. Some shredders also come with an integrated noise protection system to reduce the noise level, and minimize heat build-up that creates a constant cutting circle.
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Intimus Disintegrator 320/420 Free Shipping

Intimus Disintegrator 320/420

Security Level: 6
Sheet Capacity: N/A
Shred Speed: N/A
Bin Size: 60 gallon
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Destroyit-Solid State-Hard-Drive-Disintegrator Free Shipping

Destroyit 0203 Solid State Hard Drive Disintegrator

Security Level: 0-7
Sheet Capacity: N/A
Bin Size: N/A
Our Price: $59,209.00
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