Code Tape Shredder

The high security Code Tape shredders offer the secure disposal of code punched tapes in a conveniently compact machine. This is a small and effective device which will efficiently shred tape into tiny enough pieces to rate a high level 6 security, meeting all standards for high security tape destruction. These shredders are smaller in size and it can be stored in any place. Cod Tape shedders are ideal for use in government and defense agencies. They normally come with an Auto Start/Stop feature; automatically starts shredding when the material is placed in the feed opening and halts when the waste bin is full. Code Tape shredders utilize a powerful close wheel through which it gives high performance and extended period of use. It also has a thermal protection that keeps it from overheating. These shredders are convienient to empty as the y feature a bin which is housed in a pull-out drawer for easy disposal of the waste. The narrow throat is ideal for the shredding of code punched tape. It shreds one at a time as fast as 17.8 feet per minute. The particles remaining measure 0.7mm by 2.6mm, small enough to earn a level 6 security rating.
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HSM Nanoshred 726 High Security Shredder-image 1

HSM Nanoshred 726 High Security Shredder

Security Level: 6
Sheet Capacity: 5
Shred Speed: 17.6 fpm
Bin Size: 2 gallon

Our Price: $1,238.00

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