Baler Combination

The Baler /Shredder combination automatically compresses the shredded material into compact bales and it helps in the reduction of the volume of shredded material by about 70% as compared with collecting it in loose form. When it comes to professional solutions of the shredders the baler operates in tandem. The Shredder loading can continue while the baler is compressing the material and an audible “bale completed” signal sounds and the bale is ejected from the compacting chamber at the press of a button. We provide you with the Intimus 14.87 strip cut shredder which is suitable for heavy duty shredding. The Baler shredders easily shreds paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, optical media, floppy disks, and ring folders. They have a wide feed opening which enables shredding of large paper sizes. The materials to be shredded can be easily loaded in the conveyor belt. The strip cut shredders have a control panel which consists of a safety stop switch for emergencies, lockable master switch, and visual status displays. They have large shredding capacity which allows paper to be shred at 120 to 210 sheets at once. They are fast and 55ft/min shred speed results in quick shredding. They have Easy Run which guarantees ease of operation. The E-Max optimizes shredding by driving the different parts of the shredder together. The shredder baler is a strip cut shredder which allows you use either a waste bag or strap bales.
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Intimus 14.87 Strip Cut Shredder Free Shipping

Intimus 14.87 Strip Cut Shredder

Security Level: 2
Sheet Capacity: 210
Shred Speed: 55 fpm
Bin Size: N/A

Our Price: $34,339.00

Intimus 14.87 Cross Cut Shredder Free Shipping

Intimus 14.87 Cross Cut Shredder

Security Level: 3
Sheet Capacity: 130
Shred Speed: 59 fpm
Bin Size: N/A
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